Awesome musicians! Splendid show! – Dennis Souza (Brentwood, California)

What a blast! The Reunion Beatles are top shelf. Highly talented musicians, powerful performances with the nuances, mannerisms, phrasing and personalities that make it feel so authentic. Loved the solo hits and the range of songs. What a wonderful rewind to my youth. Was a Magical Mystery Tour with John, Paul, George and Ringo! Thanks also for the post-show visit with the fans – Todd D (Kearney, Nebraska)

They put on a great show! – Roger Whittle (Deadwood, South Dakota)

Really enjoyed the show. Hope they come back this way next year. This was my third time seeing them. It was the best show. Nice touch with the back screen. The guys all sang and played great together. 1-10 is a 10+ for me. – Judy Gadd (San Ramon, California)

Awesome! I would highly recommend The Reunion Beatles to anyone who hasn't seen these guys! – Chris Fields (Columbus, Montana)

SO fun. SO good! – Daren Laws (Alamo, California)

Wow! The solo hits from each made for a memorable night. They look and sound so authentic. The crowd was smacked from the get go. Brilliant! – Johnny Desjardins (Omaha, Nebraska)

Amazing show ! All very talented Musicians from the start to the end of the show. Catch them if you can. Well worth the trip down Penny Lane and more! – Kent Theesen (Kearney, Nebraska)

The show was so great. A class group all the way. Would see them again in a heartbeat. – John Montanez (Monterey, California)

They were so totally awesome in every way. What a fabulous evening of fun, dancing and hooting for our favorite band. I would see them again and again and again. Thanks guys for the memories – Sue Hoffman (Billings, Montana)

These guys always put on a great show. – Ed Bauman (Brentwood, California)

One of the best shows that I've been to. Great musicians and just lots of fun! I can't wait to see them again! – Justin Dannenberg (Kearney, Nebraska)